The following is a guest post by Jackson attorney Ken Walley. It was drafted on the heels of the recent Clarion-Ledger article extolling the virtues of a law degree that this blog covered here.

Dean Rosenbatt retired at the right time. The collapse in demand for law degrees is hitting Mississippi College hard.

Saturday the New York Times ran this editorial on “The Law School Debt Crisis.” The editorial focuses on for profit Florida Coastal School of Law, which the Times labels a ‘scam.’

As for the cause of the crisis, the Times points to the 2006 extension of the federal Direct PLUS Loan Program, which allows law

The Washington Post ran this article last week on the decline of law school enrollment. From the article:

Nearly 46,000 people have applied so far to go to an accredited U.S. law school in the most recent admissions cycle, a figure that puts applications on track to hit just short of 53,000 total. By comparison,

Law school administrators and teachers are notorious for overselling the benefits of law degrees. I don’t like it because: (1) they have a vested interest in maintaining law school admission levels; and (2) they often have distorted misconceptions about life in the real Better Call Saul world of the legal profession.

So not surprisingly, I