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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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How Bad is the Legal Job Market in Mississippi?

Posted in Law School
Blogs are blowing up today with the Atlantic article about the horrible legal job market. The Atlantic relies on the Law School Tuition Blog. According to that blog, Mississippi laps the field in terms of bad job market for law school grads. The blog states that Mississippi has 10.53 law school graduates for every available… Continue Reading

Is There a Problem With Law School?

Posted in General, Law School
The New York Times reported yesterday on the ABA’s “Task Force on the Future of Legal Education.” I’m not sure why we need a “task force” to tell us that there are too many lawyers and many law schools are too expensive. Why not a “strike team” or an “action group”? Other professions call stuff… Continue Reading

Revamp Law School Curriculum? Not So Fast

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System, Law School
Should law schools change their curriculum? That was the focus of a New York Times editorial on Friday. The editorial states: Instead of a curriculum taught largely through professors’ grilling of students about appellate cases, some schools are offering more apprentice-style learning in legal clinics and more courses that train students for their multiple future roles… Continue Reading

More Lawsuits Filed against Law Schools over Post-grad Employment Rates

Posted in General, Law School
A couple of weeks ago Above the Law had this story about the growing list of lawsuits against law schools for allegedly misrepresenting employment rates to potential students. Lawsuits are filed or planned against over 15 law schools nationwide. The plaintiffs’ lawyers in many of these cases predict that there will be suits filed against… Continue Reading

Where Will Bottom be for Law School Graduate Hiring Rates?

Posted in General, Law School
Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal contained this article about law schools changing course offerings in an effort to help students get jobs after graduating. The article states: Law schools are responding by infusing a practical focus into their curricula that, in many cases, have not changed in decades. So far, the transformations are most visible among… Continue Reading

Newsflash: Legal Industry Shrinking

Posted in General, Law School
The Legal Marketing Blog commented today on Tuesday’s ABA Journal online article reporting that corporate legal departments cut spending for the first time in 10 years. This is not news to Mississippi attorneys, who have been struggling with a recession in the legal industry for approximately six years. LMB states: What it all means is that law… Continue Reading

Remembering Professor William Champion

Posted in General, Law School
Professor William Champion died in Oxford on Friday. Professor Champion was probably the most popular law professor at the Ole Miss Law School in the last forty years. He served on the faculty of the Law School from 1965–1998 and taught thousands of the lawyers who now practice in Mississippi. Although I was not close to Professor Champion,… Continue Reading