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Casetext Covers Lexis’ New Pricing for Small Firms

Posted in Legal Technology
Legal research company Casetext discusses Lexis’ new pricing model for small firms in this blog post. With the rising popularity of Casetext, Fastcase and other cheaper online legal research options, Lexis is loosening up on its unpopular selling practices. From the article: Traditionally, the legacy legal research providers negotiate each legal research contract in secret,… Continue Reading

Identillect Delivery Trust is Excellent, Inexpensive Option for Email Security

Posted in Legal Technology
The Mississippi Bar recently announced an affiliate promotion with Identillect Technologies for its Delivery Trust Email Encryption. The Bar offers a 20% discount on annual licenses and Identillect is currently offering a one year subscription to Bar members for the stupid-cheap price of $25. I subscribed last week and give the software high marks. I… Continue Reading

Legal Tech CLE Reminder

Posted in Legal Technology
Here is the brochure for the upcoming legal tech CLE scheduled for April 16 in Jackson: Tech CLE Brochure. The seminar will more than pay for itself in savings on overhead and time from implementing some or all of the suggestions for utilizing tech to make practicing easier. Attorneys should also consider sending their legal… Continue Reading

Bar Tech. CLE Scheduled For April 16

Posted in Legal Technology
The Mississippi Bar’s Technology Committee will hold its biannual CLE on April 16 at the Hilton on County Line Road in Jackson. This is a great CLE that I highly recommend for all lawyers and legal assistants. This CLE is for legal professionals who want to make their practice and life easier. It’s also for… Continue Reading

The New New Computer to Get

Posted in Legal Technology
I can’t remember how much I’ve written about it here, but I’ve talked at CLE’s about my strong recommendation of using a Microsoft Surface Laptop as a work computer. Wired has a review of the latest model, the Surface Laptop 2. As far as options, if you are an attorney, you want the most expensive… Continue Reading

Ditch the Fax Machine

Posted in Legal Technology
Bad news for lawyers who still have a fax machine. It’s a security risk that hackers can use to access your whole computer system. This includes all-in-one printer/copier/fax machines. Here is a recent Washington Post article discussing the problem. It says the legal industry still relies on fax machines: The re­port es­ti­mates that there are… Continue Reading

Industry Survey: Technology Threatens Legal Industry — Mr. Sunshine Reflects

Posted in General, Legal Technology
Altman Weil recently released: 2018 Law Firms in Transition, an Altman Weil Flash Survey. From the introduction, comparing today to 2009 during the Great Recession: The threat in 2018 is broader and more nuanced, arising primarily from the sweeping force of technology evolution over the last two decades that has resulted in the commoditization and… Continue Reading

Five Basic PDF Skills All Lawyers Should Know

Posted in Legal Technology
I am uncomfortable writing about technology proficiency because many people who read this blog are more proficient than me. So there is a danger of sounding stupid to some readers. But, I am often amazed at the lack of tech. proficiency many great attorneys have. Two examples: Two years ago an attorney copied me on… Continue Reading

A Few Local Twitter Accounts to Follow

Posted in Legal Technology, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Local bar organizations are active twitter users. Surprising to me, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi is now on twitter with regular updates: @USDC_MSS. The Southern District U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Mississippi Bar, Jackson Young Lawyers and Capital Area Bar are also on twitter: @SDMissBankr @JYLawyers @TheMSBar @CABALaw I have not been… Continue Reading

Judge Willett Leads With Hand Grenades and Footnotes

Posted in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Legal Technology
Rookie 5th Circuit Judge Don Willett’s first opinion is out. It’s a sad criminal tale involving 143 of 144 hand-grenades being duds. Don’t worry, he went there: Maturino’s plan for live grenades fell short, but close counts in horseshoes and hand-grenade cases. My Take: I’d hate to be the dude who sold 143 defective grenades… Continue Reading

The Legal Software That’s Not Here Yet

Posted in Legal Technology
This Jeff Kerr post on Evolve the Law struck a cord. It opens: All litigation, both civil and criminal, hinges on disputes about law and facts. We’ve seen massive interest in technology designed to facilitate legal research, but technology for dealing with facts (investigating them, proving them) doesn’t get as much attention. He explains that… Continue Reading

Services to Improve ECF Notices Worth A Look

Posted in Legal Technology
A developing area that helps litigators are companies that provide cloud based forwarding of federal court ECF notices. At their most basic level, the services download and email ECF filings for your participating cases. The key benefit of this feature is that it removes the one free look restriction with ECF notices. I hate getting… Continue Reading

Replacing a Computer — Hurts So Good

Posted in Legal Technology
For the last 3 years I’ve been using a 15″ Dell Latitude Laptop as my computer. I dock it with two monitors at the office. It’s never been that fast and has become clunky in the last year or so. Finally, it started making weird noises. In my experience, if your computer starts making weird… Continue Reading

Every Lawyer Should Use Outlining Software

Posted in Legal Technology
I repeat: every lawyer should use outlining software. Yet I can’t find anyone who does. Back in the mid-90’s, I attended a Bryan Garner CLE on improving legal writing. Twenty years later, the three big takeaways I still remember are: outline before you write; shorter is better; and ditch the legalese (hereby, wherefore, hereto, etc.)… Continue Reading