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A Few Local Twitter Accounts to Follow

Posted in Legal Technology, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Local bar organizations are active twitter users. Surprising to me, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi is now on twitter with regular updates: @USDC_MSS. The Southern District U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Mississippi Bar, Jackson Young Lawyers and Capital Area Bar are also on twitter: @SDMissBankr @JYLawyers @TheMSBar @CABALaw I have not been… Continue Reading

Judge Willett Leads With Hand Grenades and Footnotes

Posted in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Legal Technology
Rookie 5th Circuit Judge Don Willett’s first opinion is out. It’s a sad criminal tale involving 143 of 144 hand-grenades being duds. Don’t worry, he went there: Maturino’s plan for live grenades fell short, but close counts in horseshoes and hand-grenade cases. My Take: I’d hate to be the dude who sold 143 defective grenades… Continue Reading

The Legal Software That’s Not Here Yet

Posted in Legal Technology
This Jeff Kerr post on Evolve the Law struck a cord. It opens: All litigation, both civil and criminal, hinges on disputes about law and facts. We’ve seen massive interest in technology designed to facilitate legal research, but technology for dealing with facts (investigating them, proving them) doesn’t get as much attention. He explains that… Continue Reading

Services to Improve ECF Notices Worth A Look

Posted in Legal Technology
A developing area that helps litigators are companies that provide cloud based forwarding of federal court ECF notices. At their most basic level, the services download and email ECF filings for your participating cases. The key benefit of this feature is that it removes the one free look restriction with ECF notices. I hate getting… Continue Reading

Replacing a Computer — Hurts So Good

Posted in Legal Technology
For the last 3 years I’ve been using a 15″ Dell Latitude Laptop as my computer. I dock it with two monitors at the office. It’s never been that fast and has become clunky in the last year or so. Finally, it started making weird noises. In my experience, if your computer starts making weird… Continue Reading

Every Lawyer Should Use Outlining Software

Posted in Legal Technology
I repeat: every lawyer should use outlining software. Yet I can’t find anyone who does. Back in the mid-90’s, I attended a Bryan Garner CLE on improving legal writing. Twenty years later, the three big takeaways I still remember are: outline before you write; shorter is better; and ditch the legalese (hereby, wherefore, hereto, etc.)… Continue Reading

Miss. Supreme Court Quietly Puts Fax Machines Out of Their Misery

Posted in Legal Technology, Mississippi Supreme Court
On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court amended Canon 5F of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Canon relates to actions during judicial campaigns. Here is the Court’s Order. Here is a post analyzing the decision on Miss. Court of Appeals Judge Kenny Griffis’ blog. It’s all kind of ‘inside baseball’ to me. But I saw… Continue Reading

Wordrake is Great Editing Software

Posted in Legal Technology
Last week I wrote about PerfectIt, which is proofreading software. Today’s topic is Wordrake. Wordrake is editing software. Like PerfectIt, Wordrake is a Word ad-in that launches from the top ribbon in Word. There is also a version for emails that I have not tried. The Wordrake homepage contains a good 30 second video demo… Continue Reading

PerfectIt Proofreading Software a Great Fit for Solos and Associates

Posted in Legal Technology
For the last few months I’ve been using PerfectIt proofreading software for professionals. The software functions as a Word add-in. The software reduces proofreading time for the drafter. PerfectIt checks for typos, misspellings and formatting inconsistencies. It was programmed by lawyers and knows the dreaded Bluebook. This means it knows the proper abbreviations and where… Continue Reading

Legal Tech: Case Management Software

Posted in Legal Technology
It took me a long time to believe in case management software. Not the idea of it–I’ve liked the idea for 20 years. But in practice, it hasn’t worked for me until now. I installed a case management software program when I opened my practice in 2002. I hardly used it. It just didn’t do… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence to Make Lawyers Obsolete?

Posted in Legal Technology
This Jason Koebler article in the Atlantic speculates on the Rise of Robolawyers. Don’t laugh. I believe it’s coming. From the article: …The most successful robolawyer yet was developed by a British teenager named Joshua Browder. Called DoNotPay, it’s a free parking-ticket-fighting chatbot that asks a series of questions about your case—Were the signs clearly… Continue Reading

Technology Tips of the Day

Posted in Legal Technology
There doesn’t seem to be much going on this week in Mississippi litigation, so here is a technology tip for lawyers. Your I-phone, I-pad, Galaxy, or other device does not have to state in your email that it was “sent from my i-phone [or whatever you have].” If your emails have this signature, you definitely might look… Continue Reading