I’ve got two tips and an announcement in this post. First, the announcement.

After eleven years, I’ve decided to stop blogging. In retrospect, it’s past time. I’ll explain why in my last post.

The last post could be my longest ever. I plan to discuss the evolution of my views of Mississippi litigation. I view

Last week I talked about television advertising for attorneys. But what about internet marketing? Most attorneys aren’t fans.

Here is a portion of an email from a marketing list serve:

I too found [specific company’s] marketing worthless. I suspect the same is true of virtually all the pitches we receive from marketing companies. I tried

It’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer.

The reason all state courts in Mississippi don’t use electronic filing is, in a word, politics.

Some clerks don’t want to adopt electronic filing even though it would make their lives easier. Forcing them to is not worth it politically to the Supreme Court or the Bar.

Thinking about going paperless but don’t know how? Sam Glover’s post on the Lawyerist blog explains how.

Glover opens with a salient point: if you haven’t already gone paperless, you will.

If you aren’t paperless already, you need to catch up.

When you are ready to leave paper (mostly) behind, use [Sam’s] guide to get

Yahoo News reports on China experimenting with artificial intelligence in the judicial system. It opens:

Artificial-intelligence judges, cyber-courts, and verdicts delivered on chat apps — welcome to China’s brave new world of justice spotlighted by authorities this week….

The efforts include a “mobile court” offered on popular social media platform WeChat that has already handled

Legal research company Casetext discusses Lexis’ new pricing model for small firms in this blog post. With the rising popularity of Casetext, Fastcase and other cheaper online legal research options, Lexis is loosening up on its unpopular selling practices.

From the article:

Traditionally, the legacy legal research providers negotiate each legal research contract in