Don’t be the person who takes pictures of documents with your phone. Install a scanner app on your phone and scan documents.

It will make it look like a document–not a picture of a document. It also allows you to easily ‘crop’ (adjust) the image size. It combines multiple pages into one document and automatically

A lot of tech resources save both time and money. Going paperless is an example. Eliminate most paper from your office and you eliminate most office supply costs.

And office supplies are expensive. I had sticker shock on office supplies when I opened my office. Everything cost at least five times more than I would

This Jeff Kerr post on Evolve the Law struck a cord. It opens:

All litigation, both civil and criminal, hinges on disputes about law and facts. We’ve seen massive interest in technology designed to facilitate legal research, but technology for dealing with facts (investigating them, proving them) doesn’t get as much attention.

He explains that

A few weeks ago an attorney complained about how time consuming it was to find specific deposition testimony in a huge transcript. He still does it by hand with the transcript and word index.

There are two easy software solutions to this problem. One is optional for attorneys. One is a must that many attorneys

Podcasts have changed the way people consume audio. There are more great podcasts available than anyone has time to listen to. If you don’t already listen to podcasts when you are driving or working out, then you are in for a real treat. Podcasts are to audio what DVRs are to video.

Take the podcast

A developing area that helps litigators are companies that provide cloud based forwarding of federal court ECF notices. At their most basic level, the services download and email ECF filings for your participating cases.

The key benefit of this feature is that it removes the one free look restriction with ECF notices. I hate getting