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Debra Brown’s Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting Set for Wednesday

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled Jackson attorney Debra Brown’s committee hearing for Wednesday July 10, 2013 in the Senate Office Building. Here is the notice. There will be a webcast of the hearing available at the above linked site. The hearing should be a breeze for Brown with an endorsing introduction by Senator… Continue Reading

Jackson Attorney Debra Brown Nominated for U.S. District Judge

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
On Thursday President Obama nominated Jackson attorney Debra Brown to fill the vacant judgeship in the Northern District of Mississippi. Here is the press release: WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Barack Obama nominated Debra M. Brown, Pamela L. Reeves and Elizabeth A. Wolford for District Court judgeships.  “These individuals have demonstrated the talent, expertise, and… Continue Reading

Obama Claims Senate Republicans Not Sporting on Judicial Nomination Process

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Jennifer Bendery at the Huffington Post had this interesting article last week about President Obama’s attempts to fill federal judge seats. The article explains how appointments are usually made: The process for moving judicial nominees is simple enough. A president takes the lead on circuit court nominees, while, per longstanding tradition, a senator kickstarts the… Continue Reading

Two Female Jackson Attorneys May Be in Running for Open U.S. District Judgeship

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Patsy Brumfield with  the Daily Journal reported Monday that two new names have surfaced as possible candidates for the open U.S. District Court judgeship in North Mississippi. The article mentions Debra Brown of Wise Carter and La’Verne Edney of Baker Donelson as possible nominees. Both are African-American females who have been practicing since the mid-1990’s.… Continue Reading

President Obama Continues to Ass Off on Filling Judicial Vacancies

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
The Los Angeles Times ran this article on Sunday titled “Obama struggles to nominate, confirm federal judges.” It reads like a re-run. The same article could have been written 3 years ago. The byline of the article accurately states the delay in filling vacancies: “Obama has been slow to nominate judges and Senate Republicans even… Continue Reading

Is Romney Running the Worst Campaign Ever?

Posted in National Politics
Note: I wrote the below post before yesterday’s revelation that Mitt Romney threw a hand grenade into his own foxhole. Forget the national polls. If national results counted, then Al Gore would have been president. If ESPN reported in-game football scores the way the media reports polls, it would report yardage instead of the score. "The Saints… Continue Reading

U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams to get U.S. District Judge Appointment

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Patsy Brumfield reported in the NEDJ last week that Northern District U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams will be appointed to replace the late Judge Allen Pepper in the Northern District. Adams would be Mississippi’s second female and third African-American district court judge. It has been a meteoric rise for Adams in the last four years. The… Continue Reading

Electoral-Vote.com is My Favorite Web Site Between Now and November Election

Posted in National Politics
Without question my favorite web site for the November presidential election is electoral-vote.com. Rather than focus on somewhat meaningless national polls, the site focuses on the electoral college math that will actually decide the election. The current standings: Obama–  332 Romney–  206. Romney has a lot of work to do. Much more than if you… Continue Reading

It Could Be a Long Wait to Fill Judge Allen Pepper’s District Judge Seat

Posted in National Politics, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Patsy Brumfield had a good article Sunday in the NEMS Daily Journal about the U.S. District Judge seat created by the sudden death of Judge Allen Pepper in January. Here is the article. The article reports that Judge Pepper’s case load has been absorbed by Judges Michael Mills and Sharion Aycock and Senior Judges Neal… Continue Reading

Everyone Should Vote in Tuesday’s Republican Presidential Primary

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
For the second presidential election in a row, Mississippi will have a relevant primary on Tuesday. Four years ago it was the Democratic primary. This year, it’s the Republicans’ turn. And everyone gets to vote. It’s an open primary—Democrats get to vote in it. And what Democrat wouldn’t want to have a hand in picking President… Continue Reading

What’s Worse–Entitlements or Ignorance About What They Are?

Posted in National Politics
I’ve been complaining to friends for a while that it seems like many people don’t understand what "entitlements" are. Many people seem to think that entitlements are solely welfare and similar programs. They don’t understand that America’s biggest entitlement burdens are social security and Medicare. This letter to the editor in Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger confirmed my… Continue Reading

In the Richublican World, Only CEO’s Will Prosper

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
The WSJ reported this morning on the SEC investigating the compensation of executives of oil-driller Nabors Industries, including CEO Eugen Isenberg. Nabors is about to pay Isenberg $100 million to leave the company. The Journal reports that Nabors executives frequently used corporate jets to fly to resort destinations for the wealthy, such as Palm Beach and… Continue Reading

Jackson Personal Injury Attorney Greg Davis Nominated for Southern District U.S. Attorney

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
The Clarion-Ledger is reporting that President Obama nominated Jackson attorney Greg Davis to become U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi: President Barack Obama has nominated a Jackson lawyer as the next U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi. Gregory Davis is a member of the law firm Davis, Goss & Williams PLLC, which… Continue Reading

Is Haley the GOP 2012 Front-runner?

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
As Governor Haley Barbour continues his nation-wide pre-announcement presidential campaign, he is starting to look like one of the GOP front-runners. If not the GOP front-runner. A couple of weeks ago conservative columnist George Will pegged Barbour as one of only 5 real Republican contenders:   Let us not mince words. There are at most five plausible… Continue Reading

Obama Appoints N.D. Miss. U.S. Attorney–You’re Kidding, Right?

Posted in National Politics
Over two years after his inauguration, President Obama nominated Felicia Adams to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi on Wednesday. The wire reports state: President Barack Obama has nominated Assistant U.S. Attorney Felicia C. Adams as U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi. Adams has been an assistant U.S. attorney… Continue Reading

Graves to 5th Circuit– Who is Next Miss. Supreme Court Justice?

Posted in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Mississippi Court of Appeals, Mississippi Supreme Court, National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
With the U.S. Senate approving Justice James Graves’ appointment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, attention turns to who Governor Barbour will appoint to replace Graves on the Miss. Supreme Court. I posted on this issue in this post last June. I’ve had lines in the water for weeks on this issue and do… Continue Reading