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On July 18, 2019 the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an $83,447 plaintiff verdict in Griggs v. Chickasaw County. Here is my 2017 post on the verdict.

From my original post:

The plaintiff Lamon Griggs was a Chickasaw County bailiff and solid waste enforcement officer who ran for Sheriff against long-time chief deputy and current Sheriff James Meyers. Griggs lost. Meyers took office and fired Griggs to settle the score.

The jury determined that the firing was wrongful and awarded Griggs $83,447.

Here is the Fifth Circuit’s opinion.

The Court rejected Defendant’s legal arguments and found there was sufficient evidence to support the verdict.

Jim Waide and Rachel Pierce Waide of Waide & Associates in Tupelo represented the plaintiff.

Here is a preview of the July 2019 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $1.5 million verdict- Lamar County breach of contract case covered here (6/5/19);
  • $150,000 bench verdict- Clay County legal malpractice case (6/24/19);
  • $30,000 verdict- Hinds County car wreck case covered here (6/20/19);
  • $18,990 verdict- Hinds County breach of contract case (5/21/19);
  • defense verdict- Benton County funeral home negligence case (5/31/19); and
  • defense verdict- Oxford federal court employment retaliation case (6/12/19).

My Take:

Lamar County is the jackpot justice venue and Hinds County is the venue for low plaintiff PI verdicts? Wow, things changed while I was out of town this summer.

On June 18, 2019 a Hinds County County Court jury rendered a $30,000 Plaintiff’s verdict in Aaron Adams v. Shawn Collins.

The trial involved a car wreck at the intersection of Frontage Road and Adkins Blvd. in Jackson. Plaintiff contended Defendant made an improper left turn. Defendant countered that Plaintiff was speeding and tried to improperly pass on Defendant’s left.

The Plaintiff injured his elbow and incurred $6,000 in medical bills.

The trial lasted two days. The jury deliberated for an hour and returned a 6-0 verdict.

Rocky Wilkins and Paul Ott with Morgan & Morgan represented the Plaintiff.

Patrick Tatum with Upshaw Williams represented Defendant.

Judge Larita Cooper Stokes presided.

My Take:

People drive like idiots at the Jackson intersections on and around the Frontage Road. The fact that there are multiple turn lanes is just too much for many Jackson drivers, who can’t stay in their lane.

Every time you turn, you have to size up the driver in the next lane and make a judgment call about how stupid they look. People driving cars with dents in every quarter panel are not going to stay in their lane. Same for people driving with one hand and holding their cell phone in the other hand. Be ready with the horn because they are coming your way.

Maybe next week I’ll discuss idiot drivers in roundabouts.