alienation of affection

The Miss. Court of Appeals settled an age old question last week: it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught(within 3 years)—at least not when it comes to getting sued. Here is the Court’s opinion in Cheated on vs. Dude Who Cheated with Spouse.


Yep. It’s another alienation of affection case. The relevant

On Thursday in Knight v. Woodfield the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that Mississippi’s long-arm statute covered a Louisiana resident who had an affair with a Mississippi resident. The ruling allows the perpetrator’s former spouse to maintain an alienation of affection lawsuit against the Louisiana resident. Here is the Court’s opinion.


A Harrison County

On October 21, 2010 a federal court jury in Jackson rendered a plaintiff’s verdict of $300,000 in an alienation of affection case. Here is the Complaint in Ainsworth v. Gildea. The case settled before the jury could render a verdict on punitive damages.

Here is the jury’s verdict form.

Here is the Court’s


Before Christmas I reported the plaintiff’s verdict for $80,000 in Madison County Circuit Court in the Robertson v. Russell case. My initial impression was that the result was a loss for both sides. I still feel that way.


The facts of the case were typical for an alienation of affection case (or any

Last week a Lowndes County Circuit Court jury awarded Chrissy Strickland $88,000 in damages in an alienation of affection lawsuit against Melissa Simmons. The verdict consisted of $87,500 in compensatory damages and $500 in punitive damages. The small punitive verdict will allow the plaintiff to recover attorney’s fees.

The plaintiff (Strickland) alleged that in early

The Leisha Pickering alienation of affection lawsuit is bringing attention to this little used cause of action. The theory is without question alive and well in Mississippi. In August 2008 the Mississippi Supreme Court issued its opinion in Pierce v. Cook, a case that involved claims for alienation of affection and intentional infliction of