Last Wednesday a Hattiesburg federal court jury rendered a defense verdict in Green v. Logan’s Roadhouse. Here is the complaint.

The plaintiff alleged that he was beaten up in a Logan’s Roadhouse and the defendant did not intervene to stop the beating.

Here is the jury’s verdict. The jury found that Logan’s

On November 19, 2013 a federal court jury in Jackson returned a defense verdict for Ford Motor Co. in a products liability case filed by a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper.

The trooper was injured when his state-issued 2008 Ford Crown Victoria left the roadway and hit a tree at approximately fifty miles-per-hour. The trooper was

On Friday a Hinds County jury rendered a $100,000 verdict Friday in Marble v. Deviney Construction. This was the retrial of a personal injury case involving an electrical contact.

The jury apportioned 30% fault to the plaintiff and 70% to Deviney. This will presumably lower the judgment to $70,000. 

The award was broken down as

In 2010 the Ohazurike family–of obscure board game fame–obtained a $3.6 million judgment in a Hinds County Circuit Court case that should have been in county court. Here is my post on the verdict.  

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court sank the Ohazurike’s proverbial Battleship in a unanimous decision. What was the Court’s vote? I’ll