On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and remanded a $1.07 million judgment in a 2010 Hinds County trip-and-fall trial. This was a verdict obtained by Jackson attorney Ashley Ogden on behalf of a man who fell and injured his hip in Bailey Lumber & Supply in Jackson. 

Here is the Court’s opinion.

The verdict was

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a $2.5 million jury verdict against Kroger in 2009 based on the 2007 beating of a customer in a purse snatching incident. Here is the Court’s opinion in Knox v. Kroger.

I wrote on the verdict in 2009 here and here.

Justice Dickinson wrote

On Tuesday a unanimous Mississippi Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a 2009 $1 million Hinds County premises liability verdict in Wackenhut v. Fortune. Here is my December 2009 post on the verdict.

This was the case where the plaintiff was a homeless man who got into it with the manager and security guard at the McDonald’s on

That sound that you just heard was the jaws dropping of lawyers all over Mississippi in reaction to the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision in InTown Lessee Associates v. Howard. The Court affirmed a total verdict of $4 million to two plaintiffs were were beaten and robbed at the InTown Suites on I-55 in Northeast Jackson. 

Here are

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $2.5 million Hinds County jury verdict against Deviney Construction Company. I reported the verdict two years ago in this post.  Here is the Court’s opinion.


The plaintiff called two Deviney employees as witnesses early during plaintiff’s case in chief. Circuit Judge Tommie Green ruled that the

Friday evening a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division, returned an $875,000 verdict for Claire Harrison in her discrimination lawsuit against LMA North America, Inc.

Here is the Jury Verdict.

I’m having trouble posting the Complaint.

The plaintiff alleged that the company discriminated against women and

Saturday Update:  The title is a poor choice of words. People are interpreting it as meaning that the decisions were bad for plaintiffs in other cases. That is not what I meant.

I meant that the decisions were bad for the plaintiffs in these cases. I did not mean that the decisions were anti-plaintiff or

Ashley Odgen has done it again. On Thursday a Hinds County jury awarded $1.5 million to Ogden’s client who injured his hip in a fall at Bailey Lumber & Supply in Jackson.

Michael Baxter and Mason Montgomery of Copeland Cook defended the case. The trial judge was Judge Malcolm Harrison.

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