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Mississippi Litigation Review & Commentary

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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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Defense Verdict in Jackson Federal Court Ford Roll Over Trial

Posted in U.S. District Courts in Mississippi, Verdicts in Mississippi

A federal court jury in Jackson returned a defense verdict Friday afternoon in a products liability trial against Ford Motor Co. The case involved the 2005 roll-over accident of a Ford Expedition SUV in which the teenage driver (Marion Hankins of Yazoo City) was ejected through the sun roof. It was a one vehicle accident and… Continue Reading

With the Brian Cole v. Ford lawsuit Settled, The Knife Fight Begins

Posted in General

The Clarion-Ledger ran this article on Saturday about Jackson lawyer Wayne Farrell’s lawsuit against Arkansas lawyer Tab Turner. The case is a fee dispute among lawyers over the presumed multi-million dollar settlement in the Jasper County Cole v. Ford Motor lawsuit that resulted in a $132 million jury verdict. The case settled shortly after the verdict.… Continue Reading

Gov. Barbour Appoints D.A. Eddie Bowen to Replace Judge Evans

Posted in Politics in Mississippi

On Monday Gov. Barbour’s office announced the appointment of District Attorney Eddie Bowen to replace the late Judge Robert Evans as circuit judge in the 13th District (Covington, Jasper, Smith and Simpson counties). Bowen had been the D.A. for the district since 1999. Perhaps most importantly, Bowen’s D.A. experience gives him name recognition in the district. That will presumably… Continue Reading

Final Count in Brian Cole Verdict: $131 million for Cole, $1.5 million for Survivor Passenger

Posted in Verdicts in Mississippi

The Brian Cole verdict against Ford Motor Co. is on the front page of today’s Clarion-Ledger. Here is the article. A Ford spokesperson is quoted in the article as saying that the trial was unfair. Judge Billy Joe Landrum was the trial judge and he conducted the trial in Laurel with a Paulding jury. The article identifies… Continue Reading

Cole v. Ford Motor Co. in Trial for Third Time

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The third trial involving the 2001 death of former New York Mets prospect Brian Cole is taking place before Judge Billy Joe Landrum in Laurel or Paulding (I have heard both). Ford Motor Co. is the defendant. The lawsuit alleges defects in a seatbelt and a propensity of an Explorer to roll-over.  Two prior trials resulted in… Continue Reading