On June 18, 2019 a Hinds County County Court jury rendered a $30,000 Plaintiff’s verdict in Aaron Adams v. Shawn Collins.

The trial involved a car wreck at the intersection of Frontage Road and Adkins Blvd. in Jackson. Plaintiff contended Defendant made an improper left turn. Defendant countered that Plaintiff was speeding and tried

Last week a Bolivar County jury returned a $495,000 plaintiff verdict in a car wreck case.

The wreck involved a plaintiff who was speeding colliding with defendant’s lowboy trailer. The defendant contested liability, causation and damages.

The jury found damages of $495,000 and assessed 30% fault to the plaintiff. The judgment was $346,500.

Baskin Jones

On March 18, 2019 a Panola County jury rendered a $40,000 verdict in Griffin v. Hartman.

The rear bumper of Plaintiff’s vehicle was “bumped” by the front bumper of Defendant’s vehicle, resulting in dislocation or loosening of the rear bumper.  The low impact collision was in a parking lot in Batesville in March 2017.

Here is a preview of the March 2018 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $45,000 verdict- Leflore County car wreck case (2/18/18);
  • $30,845 verdict- Harrison County car wreck case; plaintiff’s medicals: $36,253 (2/15/18);
  • defense verdict- Hinds County car wreck case (2/13/18);
  • defense verdict- Lamar County medical malpractice case (1/26/18);
  • defense verdict- Harrison County bus

Last Monday a Forrest County County Court jury returned a verdict of $25,000 in Scott v. Rawls.

The case involved a car wreck. Defendant pulled out of his driveway and hit Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff had soft-tissue injuries and medical bills totaling $8,178. The medicals included one visit to the emergency room and six weeks