On Friday a Hinds County jury returned a $2.5 million plaintiff verdict in Williams v. Ilercil. The jury apportioned 85% fault to St. Dominic Hospital, which settled before trial, and 15% to the defendant Orhan Ilercil.

Of the verdict, $872,000 was for economic damages. After applying the $500,000 cap for non-economic damage, the total

On Friday a Lowndes County jury in Columbus awarded $2.4 million to the plaintiff in Blevins v. Holzhauer. Here is the Columbus Dispatch article on the verdict.

From the article:

According to circuit court records, Hamilton resident Talanda Blevins sued Dr. James Holzhauer for negligence in 2016, two years after her uterus ruptured while

On Friday afternoon a Hinds County medical malpractice trial took one of the weirdest turns imaginable. First, the the non-weird part.

Dr. Paul Bracey treated Patrina Reynolds at the St. D emergency room in 2007.   Dr. Bracey ordered an antibiotic and sent Ms. Reynolds home. Ms. Reynolds ended up getting very sick and going blind.

Last week a Hinds County jury returned a defense verdict in Malouf v. Fredericks. The case involved medical malpractice allegations against two Jackson physicians.

Mike Malouf, Sr. of Jackson represented the plaintiff.

Carl Hagwood and Diane Pradat Pumphrey of Wilkins Tipton in Jackson represented one of the physician doctors and Whit Johnson of Currie Johnson in

Hinds County Defense Verdict

There was a defense verdict returned on Friday in a Hinds County medical malpractice trial. I do not know the names of the parties or the facts of the case. The vote was 11-1.

Heber Simmons of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff. Mildred Morris of Watkins Eager in Jackson represented the defendant.

The Clarion-Ledger reported last week on a $553,000 jury verdict in a Hinds County medical malpractice trial against Jackson neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Lewis. The article provided a good description of the plaintiff’s allegations:

Joanne Hartwig’s negligence lawsuit in Hinds County Circuit Court said Dr. Adam Lewis’ surgery on Aug. 1, 2005, left a plate in

On October 26, 2010 a Hancock County jury awarded $1,170,000 to Coastal Hardware Store in a bad faith case against Lloyds of London. Coastal Hardware was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Lloyds refused to pay the claim despite accepting premiums for the insurance. The verdict is one of the largest—if not the largest—in the history of Hancock County.

Coastal Hardware