Last year I discussed the Court of Appeals decision in Denham v. Holmes in this post. The Court of appeals reversed a Lafayette County defense verdict due to issues related to Daubert, defense counsel’s closing arguments and jury instructions. On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Appeals in this opinion

The Mississippi Court of Appeals issued an interesting opinion on Tuesday and reversed a trial court defense jury verdict in Denham v. Holmes. Here is the Court’s opinion. Presiding Judge Joseph Lee wrote the Court’s opinion. The decision was unanimous, but with several unexplained partial concurrences, which I will discuss later.

Tommy Defer and Bobby

Last Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court decided Vaughn v. Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. The opinion dealt with the deceptively simple sounding question of whether a nurse can give an opinion on "medical causation." The Court ruled:

We now explicitly hold that nurses cannot testify as to medical causation.

Sounds pretty simple. But what exactly