Watching the Eaton v. Frisby oral argument in the Supreme Court left me with only one definite conclusion: these guys really don’t like each other.

And I don’t mean Eaton and Frisby, although that may be true as well. I’m talking about the lawyers for the two sides

Eaton’s attorney Luther Munford stated that he

Here are some of the orders and pleadings from the Eaton v. Frisby litigation. I don’t currently have time to write about all of them, but they are interesting.

Eaton Corp. has found religion. As I discussed 2 weeks ago, Eaton got into more trouble with Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill in the Frisby litigation over not producing emails. The emails contained reports from Ed Peters—who had not appeared in the case—on his efforts to influence Judge Bobby DeLaughter to help Eaton.

Judge Weill ordered Eaton

Alison Grant with the Plain Dealer in Cleveland wrote an article on Eaton Corp.’s latest trouble in its Hinds County litigation against Frisby Aerospace. Here is the article

The article covers Hinds Circuit Judge Jeff Weills’ Order requiring multiple Eaton employees—including CEO Alexander Cutler—to explain why Eaton did not previously produce emails from Ed

Wednesday’s Clarion-Ledger contained this article about the City of Jackson settling a lawsuit with Cedric Willis, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 12 years. Willis was convicted of murder and armed robbery in 1997, but was later exonerated by DNA evidence. 

Willis alleged that the City of Jackson was at fault because a police officer lied