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Eaton, Peters, DeLaughter, Langston, Balducci

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Earlier today while writing a post that will appear tomorrow, I wondered about the timing of how the Eaton-Peters saga fit into, for lack of a better description, Scruggs-gate. This afternoon NMC has the answer here.   It’s fascinating to see what was happening as the feds lowered the boom.  Check out this insight by NMC… Continue Reading

Pleadings From the Eaton v. Frisby Litigation Shed More Light on Eaton Hiring Ed Peters to Influence Judge DeLaughter

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Here are some of the orders and pleadings from the Eaton v. Frisby litigation. I don’t currently have time to write about all of them, but they are interesting. Government’s Response to Motion for Production of 404(b) Material–  states “Ed Peters is expected [by federal prosecutors] to testify that he was brought into the case by Eaton, not as counsel of… Continue Reading

Judge Weill Wakes Up Eaton CEO– Result: Heads Roll

Posted in Eaton v. Frisby, Hinds County Circuit Court
Eaton Corp. has found religion. As I discussed 2 weeks ago, Eaton got into more trouble with Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill in the Frisby litigation over not producing emails. The emails contained reports from Ed Peters—who had not appeared in the case—on his efforts to influence Judge Bobby DeLaughter to help Eaton. Judge Weill ordered Eaton CEO… Continue Reading

Eaton Corp. in Hot Water Again Over Peters-DeLaughter Mess in Eaton v. Frisby Case

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Alison Grant with the Plain Dealer in Cleveland wrote an article on Eaton Corp.’s latest trouble in its Hinds County litigation against Frisby Aerospace. Here is the article.  The article covers Hinds Circuit Judge Jeff Weills’ Order requiring multiple Eaton employees—including CEO Alexander Cutler—to explain why Eaton did not previously produce emails from Ed Peters… Continue Reading

Slippery Ed Escapes Again

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Wednesday’s Clarion-Ledger contained this article about the City of Jackson settling a lawsuit with Cedric Willis, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 12 years. Willis was convicted of murder and armed robbery in 1997, but was later exonerated by DNA evidence.  Willis alleged that the City of Jackson was at fault because a police officer lied… Continue Reading

Eaton v. Frisby: The Rabbit has the Gun, Shareholder Sues Eaton Officers and Board and CEO Dumps Shares

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Alison Grant with the Plain Dealer (Cleveland newspaper) reported last week on two lawsuits recently filed against Eaton Corporation related to the Eaton v. Frisby litigation in Hinds County. The North Carolina Antitrust Case The first case is an antitrust case filed by Frisby (now called Triumph Actuation Systems) in North Carolina on February 1.… Continue Reading

Eaton Wants to Play “Let’s Make a Deal” Game Show on Trial Judge Assignment

Posted in Eaton v. Frisby, Hinds County Circuit Court
Hinds County Circuit Judge Swan Yerger retired effective the end of 2011. Former Jackson City Councilman Jeff Weill was elected to replace Judge Yerger and inherited his docket. On January 4, 2011–-the day of Judge Weill’s investiture—Eaton Corporation moved to have Judge Weill recuse himself from the Eaton v. Frisby case. Eaton filed its motion under seal… Continue Reading

Breaking News: Judge Yerger Throws Out Eaton’s Case Against Frisby Due to Ed Peters-Bobby DeLaughter Related Misconduct

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Perhaps the biggest legal development of the year in Mississippi happened today during what is usually the quietest weeks of the year for lawyers and the judiciary. Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Yerger unsealed an opinion today dismissing Eaton Corporation’s case against Frisby due to Eaton’s hiring Ed Peters to improperly influence Judge Bobby DeLaughter… Continue Reading

DOJ Denies Appeal for Disclosure of Ed Peters Immunity Deal—Do they Know It’s Disclosed in Kings of Tort?

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court
Surprise, surprise! After seven months, the DOJ denied my appeal seeking disclosure of Ed Peters’ immunity deal with the government. Here is the letter denying the appeal. Previous posts about DOJ’s refusal to disclose Peters’ immunity deal are here, here, here, and here.  In the last of the above-linked posts I point out that former… Continue Reading

One More Question for Michael Guest: Why Didn’t you Prosecute Ed Peters?

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You can ask Madison-Rankin DA Michael Guest one question—what would it be? If you’re like me, it would be why hasn’t he prosecuted Ed Peters for conspiring to bribe Bobby DeLaughter? But if you’re Clarion-Ledger columnist Sid Salter, it would be questions like “what’s your favorite color?” Here is Salter’s Sunday morning with Michael Guest. Questions included soft-balls… Continue Reading

Two Questions for Eaton and Don McGrath

Posted in Eaton v. Frisby
Saturday’s Clarion-Ledger ran this article on the Eaton v. Frisby case, focusing on the fact that most pleadings in the case are being filed under seal. When I looked at the file a few months ago there was no legitimate justification for sealing nearly the entire court file. Eaton—the party that hired Ed Peters—is behind all the sealed… Continue Reading

Ed Peters Immunity Deal Apparently Disclosed in Kings of Tort– Attempt to Justify Granting Peters Immunity Fails

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The book Kings of Tort, by Alan Lange and Tom Dawson, appears to disclose the terms of Ed Peters’ immunity deal with the government. On page 199, the book states that in exchange for immunity, “Peters would surrender his law license, resign from the bar permanently, and forfeit all monies received from Scruggs and Langston, in… Continue Reading

Will Judge Barbour or Yerger Release Peters Grand Jury Testimony?

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Judge Davidson’s opinion authorizing the delivery of materials related to Ed Peters’ grand jury testimony in the DeLaughter criminal case to Judge Barbour (presides over Frisby employees’ criminal trial) and Judge Yerger (presides over Eaton v. Frisby civil case) has been reported on multiple sites. Here is the AP newspaper article, and posts by NMC here and here. There is… Continue Reading

Haley Barbour Comments on the Judicial Bribery Scandal

Posted in National Politics, Politics in Mississippi
Point of Law has this post about Governor Barbour speaking about the judicial bribery scandal in Mississippi. The original question appeared to be about tort reform, but Barbour worked in the scandal: BARBOUR: I don’t think it was related to the tort reform, but as you know, some of the more prominent plaintiffs’ lawyers in my… Continue Reading

Eaton v. Frisby: Does Eaton have any Good Arguments?

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Jimmy Gates at the Clarion-Ledger reports on a hearing yesterday in Eaton v. Frisby on the issue of whether the Peters-DeLaughter aspect of the case will be kept under seal. The more that this story develops the weaker Eaton’s arguments sound. The article summarized the party’s positions as follows: Frisby: But Alan Perry and Robert McDuff, attorneys… Continue Reading