Over the weekend I read Judge Reeves’ entire opinion in which he issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the enactment or enforcement of HB 1523. It’s not a good look for Governor Phil Bryant and the state’s right-wing leadership.

Here are some key and interesting points from Judge Reeves’ opinion:

  • the State can’t promote one religious

On Monday U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck the central ‘feature’ of HB 1523, ruling that county clerks must issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Here is Larrison Campbell’s article on Mississippi Today. Here is Judge Reeves’ Order.

The Order includes a lot of procedural noise. Here are key passages:

  • In 2016, Mississippi

The Jackson Free Press ran this article last week about Mississippi businesses suffering as a byproduct of HB 1523, which is a Jim Crow type law that attempts to legalize discrimination against gays. The article notes:

  • Jackson developer and architect Roy Decker lost an investor due to the bill’s passage (Decker is developing one of

It’s been over a month since the Mississippi Legislature and Governor gut-shot the state by enacting HB 1523, which attempts to legalize discrimination against non-heterosexuals. So what’s the reaction been? Terrible.

Here is a summary of the reaction to the bill that I have heard and read about so far:

Sadness– This is the

Who knew? Mississippi has been on double secret probation since the start of the semester. I guess there’s only one thing to do.

Here is hidden camera footage of Mississippi legislators reacting to the national backlash over the ‘Hospitality State’s’ passage of a law giving assholes dumbasses closed minded nimrods bigots the green light to