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Sun Herald Urges Bryant to Drop HB 1523 Appeal

Posted in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Politics in Mississippi
In an editorial published on Thursday, the Sun Herald urged Governor Phil Bryant to drop his appeal of District Judge Carlton Reeves’ ruling that HB 1523 (the religious objections law) is unconstitutional. In addition to urging the Governor to dismiss the appeal, the editorial notes the differences in how the law plays in North Mississippi… Continue Reading

State Has Close to 0% Chance of Getting Reversal of Judge Reeves’ HB 1523 Decision

Posted in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
Over the weekend I read Judge Reeves’ entire opinion in which he issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the enactment or enforcement of HB 1523. It’s not a good look for Governor Phil Bryant and the state’s right-wing leadership. Here are some key and interesting points from Judge Reeves’ opinion: the State can’t promote one religious… Continue Reading

HB 1523 Update: Gov. Bryant Looking Forward to Losing Again

Posted in Politics in Mississippi, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
On Thursday U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves further gutted HB 1523 with this 60 page decision: Barber v. Bryant opinion. I will have more on Judge Reeves’ opinion next week. Meanwhile, according to this Jackson Free Press article Attorney General Jim Hood is not geeked up about losing the case again on appeal: “In consideration… Continue Reading

Federal Court Strikes HB 1523 – Mississippi Preserves its Reputation for Bigotry

Posted in Politics in Mississippi, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
On Monday U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck the central ‘feature’ of HB 1523, ruling that county clerks must issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Here is Larrison Campbell’s article on Mississippi Today. Here is Judge Reeves’ Order. The Order includes a lot of procedural noise. Here are key passages: In 2016, Mississippi… Continue Reading

Businesses Bemoan HB 1523

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
The Jackson Free Press ran this article last week about Mississippi businesses suffering as a byproduct of HB 1523, which is a Jim Crow type law that attempts to legalize discrimination against gays. The article notes: Jackson developer and architect Roy Decker lost an investor due to the bill’s passage (Decker is developing one of… Continue Reading

Ear to the Ground on HB 1523

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
It’s been over a month since the Mississippi Legislature and Governor gut-shot the state by enacting HB 1523, which attempts to legalize discrimination against non-heterosexuals. So what’s the reaction been? Terrible. Here is a summary of the reaction to the bill that I have heard and read about so far: Sadness– This is the reaction… Continue Reading

Mississippi is Such an Enigma

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
Check out this CNN article about backlash over Mississippi’s new law legalizing discrimination against gay people. It contains a link to the anti-gay ‘Mississippi Tourism’ video that has been making the rounds. It also notes that Mississippi native Robin Roberts (who is gay), is on the cover of the cover of the official Mississippi tour… Continue Reading

Mississippi Legislators Discuss ‘Religious Freedom Bill’

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
According to this Larrison Campbell article on Mississippi Today, some of the Mississippi legislators who voted for the Jesus hates gay people ‘Religious Freedom Bill’ sound like they already have buyer’s remorse. So they’ve decided to play dumb and claim that despite the national clamor over similar bills in other states, they thought the global… Continue Reading