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Big Verdict in Hinds County Medical Malpractice Trial – 15% Fault to Defendant

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
On Friday a Hinds County jury returned a $2.5 million plaintiff verdict in Williams v. Ilercil. The jury apportioned 85% fault to St. Dominic Hospital, which settled before trial, and 15% to the defendant Orhan Ilercil. Of the verdict, $872,000 was for economic damages. After applying the $500,000 cap for non-economic damage, the total verdict… Continue Reading

Plaintiff Injured While “Swinging” With Another Couple Loses Lawsuit

Posted in Verdicts in Mississippi
Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter’s June issue reports on a lawsuit involving a rather odd injury: [Plaintiff], a long-time herbicide salesman and Madison resident, was a part of the so-called swinger lifestyle. Swingers as they are known engage in consensual group sex. [Plaintiff] developed a sexual relationship with a Vicksburg couple, family practice doctor… and his… Continue Reading

Defense Verdict in Hinds County Med-Mal Trial and Other News from the Weekend

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
Hinds County Defense Verdict There was a defense verdict returned on Friday in a Hinds County medical malpractice trial. I do not know the names of the parties or the facts of the case. The vote was 11-1. Heber Simmons of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff. Mildred Morris of Watkins Eager in Jackson represented the defendant.… Continue Reading