In 2013 I posted here about a $388,000 arbitration verdict against the local Morgan Stanley branch for mishandling an investment account.The case was one of several involving this particular branch.

In the latest related case, on July 24, 2015, a separate three person FINRA arbitration panel rendered a total verdict of approximately $2.5 million against

The Northside Sun reported a couple of weeks ago about a recent $388,000 arbitration verdict in favor of two Jackson metro residents against Morgan Stanley.

The plaintiffs alleged that the local Morgan Stanley office mishandled their discretionary accounts and alleged negligence, gross negligence, suitability violations, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The arbitration was conducted

On October 21, 2010 a federal court jury in Jackson rendered a plaintiff’s verdict of $300,000 in an alienation of affection case. Here is the Complaint in Ainsworth v. Gildea. The case settled before the jury could render a verdict on punitive damages.

Here is the jury’s verdict form.

Here is the Court’s