Judge Billy Joe Landrum

There was a 11-1 defense verdict in a silica trial in Jones County on April 3.

The case was Pierce v. American Optical.

Silas McCharen with Daniel Coker in Jackson represented the defendant.

Patrick Malouf and Allen Smith of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff.

Judge Billy Joe Landrum presided in the case.

On Thursday a unanimous Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and remanded a 2010 Jones County jury verdict of $15.2 million in an asbestos drilling mud case. Here is the Court’s opinion in Phillips 66 Co. v. Lofton. I previously wrote about the verdict here and here.

The big appeal issue was statute of limitations.

This site is turning into the Jones County Litigation Review and Commentary. Yesterday a Jones County jury returned a $1.71 million verdict in a brain injury case.  $1.56 million went to the victim and $150,000 to his wife for loss of consortium. The trial began on January 20.

The victim was a mechanic who was injured from

Judge Landrum has denied Baker & McKenzie’s post-trial motions in the Evans v. Baker & McKenzie case. Post-trial motion are usually not granted, so this is not a surprise.

Plaintiffs asked Judge Landrum to award attorney’s fees in the case, since the plaintiffs recovered punitive damages. The Plaintiff seeks $31.1 million in fees. The cross-plaintiff

The third trial involving the 2001 death of former New York Mets prospect Brian Cole is taking place before Judge Billy Joe Landrum in Laurel or Paulding (I have heard both). Ford Motor Co. is the defendant. The lawsuit alleges defects in a seatbelt and a propensity of an Explorer to roll-over. 

Two prior trials resulted in