In my post last week on the Supreme Court oral argument in Eaton v. Frisby I noted that the Court might reverse Judge Yerger’s dismissal of Eaton’s claim on an evidentiary technicality. So how might that impact the case?

To answer that question you need to read Judge Weill’s 123-page opinion where he found that

On Friday afternoon a Hinds County medical malpractice trial took one of the weirdest turns imaginable. First, the the non-weird part.

Dr. Paul Bracey treated Patrina Reynolds at the St. D emergency room in 2007.   Dr. Bracey ordered an antibiotic and sent Ms. Reynolds home. Ms. Reynolds ended up getting very sick and going blind.

On Friday a Hinds County jury rendered a $100,000 verdict Friday in Marble v. Deviney Construction. This was the retrial of a personal injury case involving an electrical contact.

The jury apportioned 30% fault to the plaintiff and 70% to Deviney. This will presumably lower the judgment to $70,000. 

The award was broken down as

Eaton Corp. has found religion. As I discussed 2 weeks ago, Eaton got into more trouble with Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill in the Frisby litigation over not producing emails. The emails contained reports from Ed Peters—who had not appeared in the case—on his efforts to influence Judge Bobby DeLaughter to help Eaton.

Judge Weill ordered Eaton