On February 15, 2019 a federal court jury in Gulfport rendered a total verdict of $4,170,172 in Woulard v. Greenwood Motor Lines. The case involved an 18-wheeler colliding with a car on I-10 in Jackson County. Here is the Complaint.

Here is the Final Judgment.

The jury apportioned 80% fault to the driver of

It’s been known for a while that Mississippi’s Senate delegation submitted U.S. District Judge Sul Ozerden’s name to the White House to fill the seat on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated by Judge Grady Jolly.¬† But the pick has run into trouble from an unlikely source: the right. Specifically, the alt-right.

Over the

On Thursday a federal court jury in Gulfport returned a plaintiff verdict of $1,222,314.93 in Stafford v. Government Employees Insurance Co., et al. Here is the original Complaint.

Plaintiff was rear-ended while working for the county in 2012 by someone who was allegedly looking at her phone. Plaintiff sued the driver and several insurance

What better way to observe Presidents’ Day than a report on a jury verdict in a recent sexual harassment trial?

The trial was week before last in Gulfport in the case of Canaski v. Mid-Mississippi Properties. Here is the salacious Complaint.

The three plaintiffs alleged sexual harassment and retaliation by defendants after the defendants

On Thursday a federal court jury in Gulfport rendered an $8.5 million verdict in Williams v. Manitowoc Cranes, LLC. The case involved a crane accident in which the plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury. The plaintiffs filed the case in federal court in 2014.

The jury determined that the crane failed to contain adequate