On Thursday a Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a 12–0 defense verdict in a nursing home negligence case against Lakeland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which is in the Tara Cares system.

The plaintiff alleged that the nursing home’s negligence resulted in dehydration, fecal impaction and death. The decedent was a resident of Lakeland for

On Tuesday a unanimous Mississippi Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a 2009 $1 million Hinds County premises liability verdict in Wackenhut v. Fortune. Here is my December 2009 post on the verdict.

This was the case where the plaintiff was a homeless man who got into it with the manager and security guard at the McDonald’s on

Lots of interesting court proceedings in Jackson today. The Mississippi Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today at 9:00 a.m. in the Barbour Pardon-gate case. As always, you can watch the video of the arguments live here at the Supreme Court’s website. It’s an en banc hearing, so you can bet that there will be some

On Tuesday the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed a $4.6 million Hinds County jury verdict in Miss. Baptist Health Systems v. Kelly. Here is the Court’s opinion. This was the appeal of a 2009 trial that I wrote about in this 2009 post.

This was a pre-tort reform cap case. Ellen Kelly

Here is some more information on yesterday’s $2.2 million verdict in Hinds County that was the subject of this post.

The jury deliberated for 45 minutes. Judge Winston Kidd presided in the case. Mark Caraway with Wise Carter in Jackson represented CMMC. Lance Stevens of Jackson represented the plaintiff.

CMMC’s main defense was that

The Clarion-Ledger reported last week on a $553,000 jury verdict in a Hinds County medical malpractice trial against Jackson neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Lewis. The article provided a good description of the plaintiff’s allegations:

Joanne Hartwig’s negligence lawsuit in Hinds County Circuit Court said Dr. Adam Lewis’ surgery on Aug. 1, 2005, left a plate in