A federal jury in New Orleans yesterday returned a defense verdict in the first trial involving claims that FEMA trailers exposed the plaintiffs to dangerous fumes. Here is the AP story on the verdict.


Mississippi residents will remember the steady migration of the trailers heading south on I-55 in the Fall of 2005 after

I have a report of a $16 million jury verdict today in federal court in Greenville against Kia Motors. The case is presumably a products case involving a defective auto. Defense counsel was David Ayers and Robert Ireland of Watkins & Eager in Jackson.  Plaintiff’s counsel was Ralph Chapman from Clarskdale. I am trying to get more information.

The $3.3 million verdict in Rankin County last week is confirmed. It was an 18-wheeler case where a drunk truck driver ran a red light on highway 49 in Florence. The truck driver pleaded guilty to DUI homicide. The case was a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family of a nineteen-year-old passenger. It was

There are reports of a $7 million plus jury verdict this week in a Jefferson County lead paint trial. The case was Pollard vs. Sherwin-Williams Company. It’s my understanding that Plaintiff’s counsel included Tim Porter and Dennis Sweet of Jackson and Michael Casano of Gulfport. Defense counsel were John Corlew and Kathy Smith of