Get it? It’s a goose case.

The opening line from Miss. Supreme Court Justice Kitchens’ majority opinion says it all:

Janet Olier was attacked and chased by a domestic goose in Donna Bailey’s yard. As she attempted to flee, she fell and broke her arm. Olier sued Bailey in the County Courty of Jackson

On Thursday a 4-3 majority in the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a doozy of an opinion in Martin v. St. Dominic Hospital.

The case resulted from a 2005 slip and fall by a St. D physical therapy patient. The Plaintiff fell on a newly waxed floor. She had a grand total of $13,500 in

Last week the Mississippi Supreme Court issued decisions in two cases that will allow voters in the November elections to decide issues related to abortions and eminent domain.The Court basically punted on the substantive issues and decided the cases on procedural grounds.

In Hughes v. Hoseman the plaintiffs challenged Measure 26, which asks voters to

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $2.5 million Hinds County jury verdict against Deviney Construction Company. I reported the verdict two years ago in this post.  Here is the Court’s opinion.


The plaintiff called two Deviney employees as witnesses early during plaintiff’s case in chief. Circuit Judge Tommie Green ruled that the

On Thursday in a 7–2 decision the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Grenada County Circuit Court’s grant of summary judgment in Angle v. Koppers, Inc. Here is the Court’s opinion. Justice Lamar wrote the Court’s opinion joined by Chief Justice Waller and Justices Carlson, Dickinson, Randolph, Chandler and Pierce.

The case was a toxic

In a unanimous opinion rendered on Thursday in J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. v. Forrest General Hospital, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that an actively negligent tortfeasor may not seek indemnity from a subsequent negligent party. 


In 2006 Melissa Hall was injured in a motor-vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer operated by J.B. Hunt. She was transported

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Adams County Circuit Court’s Order refusing to enforce an arbitration clause in a nursing home admissions agreement. Here is the Court’s opinion in Adams Community Care Center, LLC v. Reed. The trial judge was Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders.

There were two admissions agreements in the case

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court vacated two Jones County jury verdicts rendered in one trial in Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. v. Malone and remanded the case for further proceedings. Here is the Court’s opinion. Justice Lamar wrote for the Court.

 The case stemmed from Gary Malone’s right leg amputation two years after he