Justice George Carlson

The Mississippi Supreme Court decided Ladnier v. Hester on Thursday.

January 2, 2008. Here’s what happened.

Diego: "Dudes, I’m hungry."

Sparky: "Yea, old man Hester doesn’t feed us enough."

Trigger: "Do you guys see what I see?"

Diego: "Right on! Pasture run tonight at midnight."

Sparky: "I don’t have a watch."

Trigger: "Shut up, Sparky."

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and remanded a $1.07 million judgment in a 2010 Hinds County trip-and-fall trial. This was a verdict obtained by Jackson attorney Ashley Ogden on behalf of a man who fell and injured his hip in Bailey Lumber & Supply in Jackson. 

Here is the Court’s opinion.

The verdict was

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Mississippi Supreme Court Presiding Justice George Carlson will retire at the end of his current term. The term runs through 2012. Chief Justice Waller spoke glowingly of Justice Carlson:

Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. called Carlson “a tireless public servant whose life is characterized by hard work, attention to detail, fairness

The 2007 Supreme Court Decision:

In June 2003, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Lamar Pickard granted Sherwin-Williams summary judgment in a lead paint case (Pollard v. Sherwin-Williams). The Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed. But on February 15, 2007, the Miss. Supreme Court reversed and remanded the case for trial in a 5–4 decision.

Here is

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a bench verdict for the plaintiffs in Gray v. City of Jackson. The case was a Tort Claims Act case where Judge William Coleman ruled for the plaintiffs. The total verdict was $400,000 to three separate plaintiffs.

Raymond police started the pursuit in Raymond. Jackson police joined

I attended the oral argument in Sears v. Learmonth yesterday at the Mississippi Supreme Court. I counted approximately 50 people in attendance—mostly plaintiff lawyers. Given the importance of the decision, I thought that every firm in Jackson hosting summer clerks would be there with their clerks. Perhaps they did not want it to look like 

Last year I discussed the Court of Appeals decision in Denham v. Holmes in this post. The Court of appeals reversed a Lafayette County defense verdict due to issues related to Daubert, defense counsel’s closing arguments and jury instructions. On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Appeals in this opinion

On Thursday in Knight v. Woodfield the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that Mississippi’s long-arm statute covered a Louisiana resident who had an affair with a Mississippi resident. The ruling allows the perpetrator’s former spouse to maintain an alienation of affection lawsuit against the Louisiana resident. Here is the Court’s opinion.


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