Governor Barbour’s appointment yesterday of Court of Appeals Chief Judge Leslie King to replace Justice James Graves on the Supreme Court was anticlimactic. It’s a bit like hiring an assistant coach on your current staff to replace your head football coach. It may be the best move, but it’s not very exciting for the fan base.

With the U.S. Senate approving Justice James Graves’ appointment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, attention turns to who Governor Barbour will appoint to replace Graves on the Miss. Supreme Court. I posted on this issue in this post last June. I’ve had lines in the water for weeks on this issue

The Mississippi Supreme Court issued its first opinions for 2011 today, including an interesting opinion in Loggers, LLC v. 1 Up Technologies, LLC. Here is the Court’s opinion.

Justice Graves wrote the Court’s opinion. 

The underlying case was a small breach of contract case in the Pearl River County Circuit Court. The case

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $1,855,000 Copiah County jury verdict in a 7–2 decision in Lincoln Electric v. McLemore. Here is the Court’s opinion.


This was a product liability failure to warn case involving a welder’s claim that exposure to welding fumes resulted in a neurological disease called manganism.

On Thursday a divided (5–3) Miss. Supreme Court reversed and rendered in favor of the defense in Gardner Denver, Inc. v. Pittman. Here is the Court’s opinion, which Chief Justice Waller wrote. Justice Graves wrote a dissent joined by Justices Kitchens and Chandler.


This was an asbestos case in Hinds County Circuit Court before

This Politico article from last week discusses the Republican political strategy of delaying votes on all President Obama’s federal judiciary nominations.

The linked article includes this picture of Sessions:

The Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is seen on Capitol Hill. | AP Photo 
Is it just me, or does Sessions look like an elderly Mickey Mouse? Seriously. 

Anyway, the article mentions Democrats whining about the delays and goes on to state: