Justice Jess Dickinson

On Thursday a unanimous Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $148,000 bench trial verdict against the City Jackson in a Tort Claims Act case stemming from  traffic accident caused by a police officer responding to a report of a man lying injured on a street. Here is the Court’s opinion, which Justice Dickinson authored.

The accident occurred

In a 5–4 decision on Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued its opinion in Jones v. Fluor, holding that a one-year statute of limitations applies to the claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Justice  Pierce wrote the Court’s opinion and was joined by Chief Justice Waller and Justices Carlson, Randolph and Chandler.



Before Christmas I reported the plaintiff’s verdict for $80,000 in Madison County Circuit Court in the Robertson v. Russell case. My initial impression was that the result was a loss for both sides. I still feel that way.


The facts of the case were typical for an alienation of affection case (or any