As mentioned last week, mega firm Baker & McKenzie won a reversal on causation and damages last week of the $103 million Jones County legal malpractice verdict against the firm. Now for the bad news for Baker & McKenzie.

Justice Pierce wrote the majority opinion. All nine Mississippi Supreme Court Justices agreed that the

The Mississippi Supreme Court decided Ladnier v. Hester on Thursday.

January 2, 2008. Here’s what happened.

Diego: "Dudes, I’m hungry."

Sparky: "Yea, old man Hester doesn’t feed us enough."

Trigger: "Do you guys see what I see?"

Diego: "Right on! Pasture run tonight at midnight."

Sparky: "I don’t have a watch."

Trigger: "Shut up, Sparky."

On Thursday a 4-3 majority in the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a doozy of an opinion in Martin v. St. Dominic Hospital.

The case resulted from a 2005 slip and fall by a St. D physical therapy patient. The Plaintiff fell on a newly waxed floor. She had a grand total of $13,500 in

Last week the Mississippi Supreme Court issued decisions in two cases that will allow voters in the November elections to decide issues related to abortions and eminent domain.The Court basically punted on the substantive issues and decided the cases on procedural grounds.

In Hughes v. Hoseman the plaintiffs challenged Measure 26, which asks voters to

The 2007 Supreme Court Decision:

In June 2003, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Lamar Pickard granted Sherwin-Williams summary judgment in a lead paint case (Pollard v. Sherwin-Williams). The Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed. But on February 15, 2007, the Miss. Supreme Court reversed and remanded the case for trial in a 5–4 decision.

Here is

The entire Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday before a mostly full courtroom in the Double Quick v. Lymas case. Here is the Clarion-Ledger’s article on the hearing. The audience was not disappointed as the arguments were very interesting.

Case Background

The case is a premises liability case out of Humphrey County involving

In a 5–4 decision on Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued its opinion in Jones v. Fluor, holding that a one-year statute of limitations applies to the claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Justice  Pierce wrote the Court’s opinion and was joined by Chief Justice Waller and Justices Carlson, Randolph and Chandler.