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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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Tennessee Loser Pays Bill May Be Unfair, But Mississippi’s is Much Worse

Posted in Politics in Mississippi, Tort Reform
On Monday I wrote about the Republicans’ “loser pays” legislation in Mississippi. Republican sponsored “loser pays” legislation is also on the table in Tennessee, as reported in the Tennessean (a Gannett Company). Critics of the Tennessee bill state that the bill is unfair to regular folks: Daniel Clayton, a medical malpractice lawyer in Nashville, said… Continue Reading

Republican Legislator Proposes Loser Pays Statute for People and Their Lawyers

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
As expected, Republicans are moving forward with “Loser Pays” legislation in the Mississippi Legislature. But there is a major twist. Only some losers pay. With the Republican party controlled by big business, can you guess which ones? Here is Representative Gary Chism’s – House Bill 562. The title tells a lot: “An Act to Provide for… Continue Reading