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Mississippi Litigation Review & Commentary

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$900,000 Jury Verdict- $500,000 Judgment in Jefferson County Silica Trial

Posted in Verdicts in Mississippi
On Tuesday a Jefferson County jury returned verdicts of $800,000 in actual damages and $100,000 in punitive damages in Sampson v. Mississippi Valley Silica Co. The jury apportioned 50% fault to Miss. Valley Silica, which presumably lowers the judgment in the case to $500,000. Patrick Malouf and Johnny Givens with Porter & Malouf in Ridgeland… Continue Reading

$1,036,000 Jury Verdict in Jefferson County Asbestos Drilling Mud Case

Posted in Verdicts in Mississippi
Last week a Jefferson County jury returned a total verdict of $1,036,000 in McManus v. Phillips 66 [yet another one of my many lifetime nicknames, but I digress]. The case was an asbestos drilling mud case. Here is the Verdict. The verdict reflects the following damages: $36,000- economic $800,000- non-economic $200,000- punitives. Looks like the… Continue Reading

Cheap Shots in Trial are OK?

Posted in Mississippi Court of Appeals
The Court of Appeals concluded 2010 with a decision that bothers me. Here is the Court’s opinion in Triplett v. River Region Medical Corp. Facts: This was a Warren County medical malpractice case against a hospital, doctor and CRNA. River Region got out on summary judgment and the case was tried in May 2008 before Judge Frank… Continue Reading