In 2010 the Ohazurike family–of obscure board game fame–obtained a $3.6 million judgment in a Hinds County Circuit Court case that should have been in county court. Here is my post on the verdict.  

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court sank the Ohazurike’s proverbial Battleship in a unanimous decision. What was the Court’s vote? I’ll

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a $2.5 million jury verdict against Kroger in 2009 based on the 2007 beating of a customer in a purse snatching incident. Here is the Court’s opinion in Knox v. Kroger.

I wrote on the verdict in 2009 here and here.

Justice Dickinson wrote

The post last week about the Court of Appeals decision in the Hinds County Wackenhut-McDonald’s premises liability case generated a lot of discussion. Posted below are the two videos from inside the McDonald’s. The first video shows the Wackenhut security guard shoving the plaintiff with a lot of force. The second video from the back

On Tuesday the Mississippi House of Representatives passed the controversial HB 836, which drastically changes Mississippi’s premises liability law. The title of the bill says it all: “The Landowner Protection Act.” The bill does not protect only landowners. It also protects the operator of a store located on the land.

The bill’s purpose appears