The Clarion-Ledger reported this morning on a $23 million Hinds County jury verdict yesterday against  Marriott and the City of Jackson. According to the article:

The key question the jury had to decide was whether West was acting as a police officer or was he acting as a security officer for Marriott when he shot

Last week I posted about the Miss. S. Court’s reversal of two jury verdicts in premises liability cases. Here are my thoughts on the decisions.

Lymas v. Double Quick

This case was famous not for the underlying verdict, but because the plaintiff challenged the constitutionality of the damages caps on non-economic damages. The Court reversed

Saturday Update:  The title is a poor choice of words. People are interpreting it as meaning that the decisions were bad for plaintiffs in other cases. That is not what I meant.

I meant that the decisions were bad for the plaintiffs in these cases. I did not mean that the decisions were anti-plaintiff or

Ashley Odgen has done it again. On Thursday a Hinds County jury awarded $1.5 million to Ogden’s client who injured his hip in a fall at Bailey Lumber & Supply in Jackson.

Michael Baxter and Mason Montgomery of Copeland Cook defended the case. The trial judge was Judge Malcolm Harrison.

For a complete description of

A Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a $3.6 million verdict Friday in a premises liability case. Judge Winston Kidd was the trial judge.


The Plaintiffs were Benny Ohazurike, Esther Ohazurike, and Darlington Ohazurike (6 year old son). Plaintiff’s counsel were Ashley Ogden and former Chief Justice Jim Smith.



The Defendants were Parham Pointe South

The entire Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday before a mostly full courtroom in the Double Quick v. Lymas case. Here is the Clarion-Ledger’s article on the hearing. The audience was not disappointed as the arguments were very interesting.

Case Background

The case is a premises liability case out of Humphrey County involving