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$2 Million Verdict in Hinds County Car Wreck Case

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
On Thursday February 7, 2019, a Hinds County jury in Jackson returned a unanimous $2 million verdict for the plaintiff in Kirkland v. Barnett. Plaintiff Carole Kirkland alleged that Defendant Mary Judith “Judy” Barnett ran a red light at the intersection of Pascagoula and State Street in downtown Jackson causing their cars to violently collide.  Ms.… Continue Reading

Rocky Wilkins Joins Morgan & Morgan

Posted in General
A couple of weeks ago Jackson personal injury attorney Rocky Wilkins announced that he will join the Jackson office of Morgan & Morgan on May 1. It’s my understanding that the plan is for Rocky to try all of the firm’s Mississippi cases. Wilkins’ late father was a well known criminal lawyer in Jackson. Before… Continue Reading

$110,000 Verdict in Gulfport Federal Court Slip-and-Fall Trial

Posted in U.S. District Courts in Mississippi, Verdicts in Mississippi
On January 11, 2017 a federal court jury in Gulfport rendered a verdict for the plaintiff in Garcia v. Fickling Management Services, Inc. Here is the Complaint. Plaintiff, Linda Garcia, a 65-year-old woman, slipped and fell down concrete steps covered in ice while exiting her apartment at the Palm Isle apartment complex in Biloxi, MS… Continue Reading

Court of Appeals to Decide Caps?

Posted in Mississippi Court of Appeals
No, probably not. The Mississippi Court of Appeals heard oral arguments yesterday in Emergency Medicine Associates of Jackson v. Glover. Jane’s law blog provides links to the briefs and oral argument replay here. I wrote about the verdict in 2012 here. The jury awarded $1.5 million in economic damages and $2 million in non-economic damages,… Continue Reading

$4.5 Million Verdict in Hinds County Product Liability Case

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
A few weeks ago a Hinds County jury rendered a verdict of $4,568,116 in Walls v. Williams-Pyro, Inc. The trial involved a fire suppression device that attached underneath stove vent hoods. The device activates when flames from a stove top fire trigger a fuse on the device that causes a pyrotechnic explosion and fire suppressant… Continue Reading

$3.5 Million Hinds County Medical Malpractice Verdict with 75% Fault Apportioned to Defendant Doctor

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
On Friday a Hinds County jury rendered a $3.5 million verdict in Glover v. MBMC et al. Plaintiff was a 15 year old treated at the emergency room for a rash. The ER doctor prescribed medication that caused second degree chemical burns all over the boy’s body. Plaintiff is permanently scarred. The medication is supposed… Continue Reading

Mississippi Supreme Court Reverses and Renders Hinds County Premises Liability Verdict

Posted in Appellate Decisions From Jury Verdicts, Mississippi Supreme Court
On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a $2.5 million jury verdict against Kroger in 2009 based on the 2007 beating of a customer in a purse snatching incident. Here is the Court’s opinion in Knox v. Kroger. I wrote on the verdict in 2009 here and here. Justice Dickinson wrote the Court’s… Continue Reading

Miss. Court of Appeals Reverses $1 Million Verdict in Hinds County Premises Liability Trial

Posted in Appellate Decisions From Jury Verdicts, Hinds County Circuit Court, Mississippi Court of Appeals
On Tuesday a unanimous Mississippi Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a 2009 $1 million Hinds County premises liability verdict in Wackenhut v. Fortune. Here is my December 2009 post on the verdict. This was the case where the plaintiff was a homeless man who got into it with the manager and security guard at the McDonald’s on Highway… Continue Reading

Chip Pickering Sued Over Soccer Dad Fight

Posted in General
As reported on Ya’ll Politics and WLBT, Christopher Hester has filed a personal injury lawsuit against former Congressman Chip Pickering. The lawsuit stems from when the two men fought in December 2009 following a youth soccer game. Here is the the plaintiff’s Complaint, which was filed in County Court in Hinds County. The Complaint alleges that Pickering repeatedly punched… Continue Reading

Defense Verdict in Lauderdale County Wrongful Death Trial Involving Parking Garage Pedestrian Fatality

Posted in Verdicts in Mississippi
On Friday a Lauderdale County Circuit Court jury rendered a defense verdict in Payne v. Gowdy et al. in a case tried before Judge Lester Williamson. Here are the case details as reported to me. Facts The decedent, Marie Payne, was walking in a parking garage in Anderson Hospital in Meridian after a doctors appointment. Cleveland… Continue Reading

Update: $1 Million Verdict in Hinds County McDonald’s Premises Liability Case

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
A Hinds County jury returned a $1 million verdict this week for a plaintiff who was beaten by a Wackenhut security guard in a McDonald’s restaurant located on Highway 80 in Jackson after a dispute with the manager over a cup of ice. The plaintiff was allegedly a homeless man who was intoxicated at the time… Continue Reading