Last week a Claiborne County jury rendered a defense verdict in Claiborne v. American Optical.

The trial involved a silicosis case where the plaintiff alleged an injury caused by a respirator product.

The trial began on September 4 and lasted about one week. The jury rendered a unanimous defense verdict.

Walter Johnson, Joe Baladi

There was a 11-1 defense verdict in a silica trial in Jones County on April 3.

The case was Pierce v. American Optical.

Silas McCharen with Daniel Coker in Jackson represented the defendant.

Patrick Malouf and Allen Smith of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff.

Judge Billy Joe Landrum presided in the case.

There was a defense verdict late Thursday in a Claiborne County silica trial that lasted for at least two weeks. The details that I have are sketchy. I do not know the number of defendants, but I believe that they were sand companies. It appears that plaintiff’s counsel included Tim Porter and Allen Smith and defense counsel was led