statute of limitations

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a $13 million judgment in American Optical Corporation v. Rankin. This was a Jefferson County silica case where the date of the judgment was February 24, 2015.

The Court reversed on a statute of limitations issue. The plaintiff filed suit in 2013. Defendant argued that

The Miss. Court of Appeals settled an age old question last week: it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught(within 3 years)—at least not when it comes to getting sued. Here is the Court’s opinion in Cheated on vs. Dude Who Cheated with Spouse.


Yep. It’s another alienation of affection case. The relevant

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $1,855,000 Copiah County jury verdict in a 7–2 decision in Lincoln Electric v. McLemore. Here is the Court’s opinion.


This was a product liability failure to warn case involving a welder’s claim that exposure to welding fumes resulted in a neurological disease called manganism.

On Thursday in a 7–2 decision the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the Grenada County Circuit Court’s grant of summary judgment in Angle v. Koppers, Inc. Here is the Court’s opinion. Justice Lamar wrote the Court’s opinion joined by Chief Justice Waller and Justices Carlson, Dickinson, Randolph, Chandler and Pierce.

The case was a toxic