Mississippi Litigation Review & Commentary

Mississippi Litigation Review & Commentary

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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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$4,170,000 Verdict / $2,936,138 Judgment in Gulfport Federal Court 18-Wheeler Crash Trial

Posted in U.S. District Courts in Mississippi, Verdicts in Mississippi
On February 15, 2019 a federal court jury in Gulfport rendered a total verdict of $4,170,172 in Woulard v. Greenwood Motor Lines. The case involved an 18-wheeler colliding with a car on I-10 in Jackson County. Here is the Complaint. Here is the Final Judgment. The jury apportioned 80% fault to the driver of the… Continue Reading

Defense Wins Hinds County Car Wreck Case with $75,000 Verdict

Posted in Hinds County Circuit Court, Verdicts in Mississippi
About a month ago a Hinds County jury returned a $75,000 verdict in Taylor v. Stubblefield. Here is the Complaint. The Defendant, who lives in Hinds County, rear-ended the Plaintiffs in Magee. It appears to have been a low impact rear-ender. My understanding is that the Defendant was going approximately 3 mph. The Defendant admitted… Continue Reading