Southern District voters re-elected Justice Michael Randolph to the Miss. Supreme Court yesterday, despite attacks by challenger Tal Braddock that Randolph has not saved any whales:

“He’s an excellent justice, period. His opinions are well-written and he’s qualified … his worth ethic is outstanding.

“Dag gum, this guy’s done everything but save the whales.”

Yesterday Ya’ll Politics had this post about the formation of Justice Mike Randolph’s campaign committee. It’s an impressive list of bar and business leaders in South Mississippi.

The list includes multiple past presidents of both the Mississippi Bar and the Mississippi Association for Justice, which is a bar group limited to plaintiff’s attorneys.

It’s an

Well, things certainly got interesting for Mississippi Supreme Court races Friday with two last minute qualifiers. State Representative Earl Banks qualified to run against Chief Justice William Waller and Hattiesburg attorney Tal Braddock qualified to run against Justice Mike Randolph. Oh, my! 

The Braddock candidacy will be the most talked about in legal circles. Not because Braddock