On September 26, 2012 a Lee County Court jury rendered a total verdict of $26,626.76 in favor of Yvonne Ivy in a slip-and-fall trial against Discount Tobacco Enterprises, Inc.

The jury’s verdict consisted of $25,326.76 in medical expenses and $1,300 for pain and suffering. The jury apportioned 5% of the fault to the plaintiff.


On Thursday a federal court jury in Aberdeen rendered a plaintiff verdict of $82,000 in Dulin v. Board of Commissioners of the Greenwood Leflore Hospital. Here is the verdict.

The plaintiff, age 80, was the board attorney for Greenwood Leflore Hospital. Plaintiff alleged that the Board fired him because he is white. Evidence showed that

On Wednesday a North Mississippi Federal Court jury in Aberdeen rendered a total verdict of $100,000 in Dauzat v. Collums Furniture Mfg., Inc. and Troy McAlister.

The plaintiff worked for Collums as a factory worker. Plaintiff alleged that during her employment her supervisor (Troy McAlister) sexually harassed her by touching her breasts, touching her rear, offering