Last week a Claiborne County jury rendered a defense verdict in Claiborne v. American Optical.

The trial involved a silicosis case where the plaintiff alleged an injury caused by a respirator product.

The trial began on September 4 and lasted about one week. The jury rendered a unanimous defense verdict.

Walter Johnson, Joe Baladi

On Friday a Hinds County jury rendered a $3.5 million verdict in Glover v. MBMC et al.

Plaintiff was a 15 year old treated at the emergency room for a rash. The ER doctor prescribed medication that caused second degree chemical burns all over the boy’s body. Plaintiff is permanently scarred.

The medication is supposed

A Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a defense verdict on Monday in a medical malpractice case tried before Judge Winston Kidd.

Here is the Complaint in the case filed by James McClure against Dr. Anthony Petro, Dr. Clark Ethridge and Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. The Complaint alleges that Dr. Petro perforated plaintiff’s bowel during a laparoscopic

On Wednesday the Clarion-Ledger reported a $500,000 verdict against University of Mississippi Medical Center (“UMC”) in a Hinds County Circuit Court bench trial. Judge Tommie Green presided in the case and rendered the verdict.   Judge Tomie Green

The case resulted from the 2005 death of 28–year old Tamika Foster less than 48 hours after the emergency delivery of