Last week a Claiborne County jury rendered a defense verdict in Claiborne v. American Optical.

The trial involved a silicosis case where the plaintiff alleged an injury caused by a respirator product.

The trial began on September 4 and lasted about one week. The jury rendered a unanimous defense verdict.

Walter Johnson, Joe Baladi

On Friday a Hinds County jury rendered a $3.5 million verdict in Glover v. MBMC et al.

Plaintiff was a 15 year old treated at the emergency room for a rash. The ER doctor prescribed medication that caused second degree chemical burns all over the boy’s body. Plaintiff is permanently scarred.

The medication is supposed

Last year I wrote in this post about the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision in Merchant v. Forest Family Practice. This was the Scott County medical malpractice case where the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a defense verdict due to juror misconduct.

After the first trial, a juror signed an affidavit that stated that another juror said during deliberations:

that he had

On Friday a federal court jury in Hattiesburg rendered a verdict for the plaintiff (Will Graves) and awarded damages of $12,251,178 in a products liability trial involving the 2008 roll-over of a 1995 Toyota 4-Runner SUV. Here is a newspaper article about the verdict.

The accident left Will Graves paralyzed from the chest down. He was 16

Last week the Miss. Court of Appeals affirmed a 2008 Hinds County defense verdict in Clark v. Toyota Motor Sales. Here is the Court’s opinion

The basis of the case was a 2001 auto-accident in DeSoto County involving a Toyota truck. Part of the appeal centered on Toyota’s exemplar truck that Judge Winston Kidd allowed jurors to view in

Hinds County Defense Verdict

There was a defense verdict returned on Friday in a Hinds County medical malpractice trial. I do not know the names of the parties or the facts of the case. The vote was 11-1.

Heber Simmons of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff. Mildred Morris of Watkins Eager in Jackson represented the defendant.