Eaton Corp. has found religion. As I discussed 2 weeks ago, Eaton got into more trouble with Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill in the Frisby litigation over not producing emails. The emails contained reports from Ed Peters—who had not appeared in the case—on his efforts to influence Judge Bobby DeLaughter to help Eaton.

Judge Weill ordered Eaton

On Tuesday the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed a $4.6 million Hinds County jury verdict in Miss. Baptist Health Systems v. Kelly. Here is the Court’s opinion. This was the appeal of a 2009 trial that I wrote about in this 2009 post.

This was a pre-tort reform cap case. Ellen Kelly

Here is some more information on yesterday’s $2.2 million verdict in Hinds County that was the subject of this post.

The jury deliberated for 45 minutes. Judge Winston Kidd presided in the case. Mark Caraway with Wise Carter in Jackson represented CMMC. Lance Stevens of Jackson represented the plaintiff.

CMMC’s main defense was that

On August 23, 2011 the Circuit Court of Leflore County rendered a $500,000 bench trial verdict against Greenwood Leflore Hospital in a medical malpractice case. Here is the trial court’s judgment and findings of fact and conclusions of law in Long v. Greenwood Leflore Hospital and Francois Lesage, M.D.


Monica Long, age 10, became sick on

The $3.3 million verdict in Rankin County last week is confirmed. It was an 18-wheeler case where a drunk truck driver ran a red light on highway 49 in Florence. The truck driver pleaded guilty to DUI homicide. The case was a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family of a nineteen-year-old passenger. It was